Surf Fishing Seal Beach April 6, 2017

I finally had a window of opportunity to hit the beach for some surf fishing. The weather looked good although tide was peaking as I hit the water at 6:30Am. I arrived to 2-4′ shore break which was manageable due to the swell period and clean conditions.


I like this beach for Halibut so I spent the entire session tossing the Lucky Craft Flash Minnow. I walked the beach for about a hundred yards without finding any structure to target. Finally I found a spot of crossed up surf and got my first bite. I got a look at a small white flash just as it came unbuttoned. Probably a Barred Surf Perch.

I continued on down the beach still finding no structure. There was however a bit of very large debris from this years rain. A chunk of 4×4, some plywood, and a section of 4″steel pipe fitting most notably. Hazards of fishing this area in the Winter and Spring. Walked another 100 yards and again I found some crossed up surf and finally got a solid hook up. Not a great fighter, but a little 12″ Halibut came ashore to break the skunk. He came unbuttoned at my feet and made his way back to sea with the next swell before I could get a picture.

Made my way down to the Huntington Harbor Jetty where there was one other fisherman on the rocks. He looked like he was casting a Kastmaster or Krocodile. I never saw him hook up though.


I took a few casts along the rocks and got hit by something feisty. I was hoping for maybe a Calico, but reeled this guy in instead.


A 12″ smelt. Not the right kind, but at that point I was willing to take whatever I could get. There was a school of them chasing Anchovies just inside the breakers. I cast to them for a bit hoping something bigger would be underneath, but no luck.

I started making my way back down the beach as the sun was coming up over the city.


I was looking for new structure that I couldn’t see while the tide was high, but the beach was pretty barren. There were a handful of surfers in a productive looking spot, however the break was within casting distance so I opted to leave it to the surfers.


That was it for the session. 1 farmed BSP, 1 Halibut, and 1 Smelt. I spoke to another fisherman down the beach who was fishing Gulp Sandworms on a Carolina rig who said that he caught a nice Halibut earlier, but that was the extent of his luck too. A bit of a slow day for everyone, hopefully things pick up in the next few weeks. All in all, a nice day to be out. Can’t complain, the weather and waves were nice. It was good to get my feet wet again.

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